Hi! I'm Sandra Camacho (aka Sandra By Design)

Working through the challenges of definitions (equity, inclusion, and so forth)

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Digest #2

Working through the challenges of definitions

October 20, 2023 | Read in your browser

The language we use to describe our work has a bigger impact than we may expect. Many people often use terms like inclusion, equity and accessibility interchangeably — but they have very different meanings.

The differences show up in people, practices, processes and and power dynamics.

Centering the perspectives of marginalized folks throughout the design process, for instance, will look and feel very different than running accessibility compliance checks.

While definitions are subjective, getting alignment on terms — and using them consistently — can move your team forward toward greater clarity and impact.

And I've built a variety of tools to help with you with this!

The Design for Social Change Ecosystem

One of the cornerstones of the soon-to-be-launched Design Changemakers platform is the Design for Social Change Ecosystem.

Introduced earlier this year in the Inclusive Design Jam, it introduces a modular approach to designing for positive social change across five pillars: Equity & Justice, Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics, Accessibility and Care & Healing.

You'll discover the ecosystem in depth on the platform very soon. And it comes with an exciting tool to get your team aligned on definitions: the Design for Social Change glossary card deck!

In its first edition, the card deck goes through each pillar of the ecosystem (and each pillar's subpillars) with definitions, visuals and examples to bring the practices to life.

Take a sneak peek at one of the cards below!

You'll get access to the full card deck next week in our early access launch. Make sure you're on the invitation list (click the button below) to not miss it!

Sandra By Design

Who am I? I'm Sandra Camacho (she/her), an independent inclusive & equitable design strategist and educator working under the alias Sandra By Design. I'm also the founder of Design Changemakers and the Inclusive Design Jam.

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Hi! I'm Sandra Camacho (aka Sandra By Design)

I write about designing for inclusion, equity and justice, covering strategy, culture, mindset, practices and day-to-day behaviors.

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